Digital Advertising Evaluation Platform

Get full insight of your ad data

  • Real-time

    Through advanced data streaming technology, we will see dynamic ad performance changes every second

  • Over 30 key metrics
    Over 30 key metrics

    Through the intuitive and simple UI interface, freely select different metrics and easily generate analysis reports.

  • Detect Abnormal Traffic
    Detect Abnormal Traffic

    Through our AI technology, you can detect different types of abnormal traffic and respond appropriately.

  • Audience Insight
    Audience Insight

    Based on regular market surveys and machine learning, our database has over 200,000 sample data to help you better understand your audience in Taiwan.


    Designed for marketing practice, using data to solve your various advertising tracking pain points

  • Data accuracy, security, and availability are ensured through a powerful data quality management
    With a hybrid cloud architecture on the AWS cloud platform to store data and services, provide complete remote backup, sandbox isolation operation and other security policies to ensure the security and integrity of data collection, storage, and computing.

    Higher Data Availability
    While ensuring the accuracy of real-time data, it also supports the retrospective function of historical data and various data benchmarks, making data use more convenient.
  • Prevent false advertising and traffic hacking
    Using AI technology to analyze and simulate user’s advertisements-viewing behavior, eliminate the pain points of digital ad monitoring in the past. It can track a range of unusual advertising behaviors, including false exposure, repetitive exposure, and abnormal ranking which can make company save more money by avoiding fake advertising, web crawlers, and traffic hackers.
  • Comprehensive advertising attribution
    Our attribution can help companies determine and connect the conversions with their marketing campaigns across different platforms, browsers or devices. You can evaluate Return on Investment (ROI) of the campaigns and utilize data science to more effectively plan marketing expenditures and optimize media strategy by our SaaS including Ln{Track}, Ln{Site}, and Ln{Social}.
  • Mobile First advertising monitoring solution
    When the world is talking about ”Mobile First,” LnData hopes that it is not just a slogan. Therefore, Ln{Track} is specially optimized for mobile advertising performance tracking, so as to help our clients to win and take the lead in mobile marketing.

    Through the open source mobile advertising monitoring SDK, Ln{Track} can collect various data of mobile devices, including 10 mobile-device-specific dimensions such as model, Internet access, LBS, price range, etc., to help you gain a deeper insight into mobile advertising.

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