Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) of KOC

Use data to create relationships that grow mutually beneficial with consumers

  • Let consumers become endorsers
    Let consumers become endorsers

    Nowadays, social media has become the most important key to consumer decision-making. Ln{CIM} filters out the most influential leader-level consumers through the innovative "Earned Media Value (EMV)." By approaching and giving corresponding rewards to each customer who has made substantial publicity contributions, the customers will be willing to provide more sincere recommendations for the brand.


    Identify KOCs on social media to become brand ambassadors, build and manage relationships automatically.

  • Exclusive EMV indicator to quantify influence
    To assess customers' social influence, Ln{CIM} uses both quantitative and qualitative indications such as exposure, engagement, emotional index data, purchase intent, and etc. Furthermore, this app can provide data on influential customers who have a high level of involvement on their social media platform using EMV (Evaluation of Media Value)
  • Combining SCRM and Affiliate Marketing
    Company can use Ln{CIM} in cooperation with a chatbot to directly invite qualified and loyal customers to promote the brand, thereby increasing customer loyalty and attachment, establishing a win-win scenario with customers and a positive brand image.
  • Additional functions to maximize your benefits
    • Keyword search for posts and comments
    • Media Value Calculation
    • Integrate CRM data
    • Partner with high-value consumers
    • Track and continuously optimize member information system

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