Intelligent website traffic
measurement platform

Translate every page visit into useful insights for digital marketers

  • Leading technology
    Leading technology

    Real-time and accurate data monitoring through powerful Hadoop cluster and Streaming Computing

  • Professional service
    Professional service

    Professional data science and cloud computing team, provide you with customized data solutions and best one-stop service

  • Data Security
    Data Security

    We adopt AWS and hybrid cloud architecture to store data distributedly, provide disaster prevention and early warning to ensure data security and stability


    Accurately grasp every key data visiting your website

  • Enterprise-level website analysis service
    • Instant and efficient
      Streaming computing brings millisecond-level synchronous data experience, and real-time dynamic panoramic view.
    • Fully flexible
      With powerful APIs, Ln{SITE} can quickly locate rich dimensions and indicators, including website hotspots, users' browsing history, entry and exit pages, loading speed, etc, to help you optimize your website experience.
    • Audience Tagging
      Precisely segment audience via advanced tagging mechanism, and evaluate user engagement by certain groups of people, traffic sources, or events.
  • Seamless integration with Ln{Track}
    The two systems are seamlessly integrated to realize data exchange between the front and back ends, and easily gain insight into the conversion of advertisements.

    • Clear at a glance
      Integrate advertising data analysis with visualization, intuitively display traffic conversion.
    • Export Smart reports with one click
      Automatically integrate advertising data, output standard reports with just one click, and send regular report emails.
    • Abnormal traffic fast location
      Dual systems monitor traffic dynamics in real time, to prevent fraud that can help the company save their budget.

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