AI analysis for Facebook Group Sales Forecasting

The reach of fanpages continues to decline, and consumers are shifting into groups. You need to grasp the market trends faster.

  • Designed for Facebook Groups
    Designed for Facebook Groups

    With the motto 'Always on Service', Ln{SII} helps marketers in predicting future sales trends, identifying potential threats from competitor social marketing, as well as providing real-time notifications for viral posts or threat activities, allowing users to improve their social media marketing.


    Real-time analysis of Facebook groups discussion, grasp community trends ahead of competitors.

  • People are shifting away from Facebook fanpages to groups, allowing issues to spread more quickly.
    Facebook Groups are an effective tool for building a community, increasing engagement, and improving customer relations for your brand or business. People are more willing to discuss and share their ideas in the community. However, because groups are relatively private, it is more difficult for outsiders to detect consumer thoughts in a group. That is why we created Ln{SII} to support marketers in resolving this issue by combining various indicators with our exclusive patent "Viral Intensity home" to explain the post and facilitate brands in responding quickly.
  • Focus on major Facebook groups and gain comprehensive insights
    LnData continues to track several large groups on Facebook. You can choose the group(s) that are most relevant to your brand to understand the overall discussion of consumers on the brand; you can also observe the latest trends of competitors and develop corresponding marketing strategies.
  • A variety of indicators make the community dynamics clear and objective at a glance
    LnData provides accurate article semantics and sentiment analysis through Natural Language Processing(NLP), and quantifies those complex informations to index scores. With the data visualization charts, you can understand the the community voice more clearly and quickly.

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