Comprehensive data merging solution for both online and offline data

Connect your online and offline accounts to get a more complete picture of your customers.

  • Offline audience analysis
    Offline audience analysis

    If your brand has a brick-and-mortar storefront or values physical contact with customers, online data alone isn't enough. By setting up Beacon machines in the offline field, O2O can classify and compare the labels of passersby, to clearly capture the contours of the offline crowd and business owners can connect it with online data. This can effectively optimize marketing decisions.


    Capture offline customers profiles, link physical and digital data, and optimize marketing strategies

  • Multiple targeting and clustering
    Once the installation of the Beacon machines have done, sample data of nearby people can be obtained. In addition to the basic three groups (visitors, shop assistants, and nearby crowds), you can also choose to add more refined audience groups.
  • Export offline crowd data tags
    Through the LnData data comparison technology, various attribute data of the population can be obtained, from basic dimensions such as gender and age to more advanced like behaviors and interests. We'll use these details to create "tags" that will help us identify and categorize people. You can use tags to filter and export the information you need.
  • Full assistance with installation, maintenance, and technical support
    You don't need to worry about any technical issues! Machine setup and maintenance are within our service scope. If you are concerned that your physical storefront or site factors may be unfavorable for installation, please contact us for a more detailed assessment.

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