Neuro Data analysis

Quantify, analyze, and optimize experiences through physiological data

  • Marketing material optimization
    Marketing material optimization

    Do commercials and trailers appeal to the audience? Do you want to know if your target audience is interested in your work? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
    Ln{Neuro} studies brain activity and collects data from brainwaves and eye movement to predict and potentially manipulate consumer behavior and decision making.


    Objectively measure the experience from the most authentic responses

  • What is brainwave data?
    Human brain waves can be mainly divided into two types: α waves and β waves. By observing the fluctuations of the two brain wave signals when the subjects are watching advertisements, trailers or other materials, it is possible to estimate the effect of the corresponding clips on the subjects.
  • Eye Tracks and Visual Focus
    By capturing the subject's visual focus and displaying it in the form of a heat map on the material, it is possible to grasp what elements on the material are most likely to attract the subject's attention, and provide a basis for material optimization with brainwave data.
  • Focus Group & Data analysis
    The test will be conducted through focus groups, and the venue and test subjects will be assigned based on customer needs and budgets to ensure that customers get the best test results at the lowest possible cost.
    Aside from measuring the subjects' objective physiological data, another advantage of focus groups is that subjective and qualitative results can be obtained through interviews, allowing for more comprehensive and useful insights.
    Further data analysis in more dimensions can be obtained based on the demographic data of the subjects to assist clients in designing strategies for different target groups.

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