The first third-party APP conversion tracking solution

From "page" to "person," categorize users’ behavior, improving conversion and retention.

  • End to end collection and data security
    End to end collection and data security

    Support JS SDK, iOS, Android SDK, and Rest API. Encrypte data via HTTPS to provide advanced protection.

  • Multi-dimensional and real-time data
    Multi-dimensional and real-time data

    Using powerful streaming data technologies, reveal your users’ behavior in real-time.

  • AI clustering and analysis
    AI clustering and analysis

    Identify and categorize potential customers through marketing and funnel analysis

  • Marketing Automation
    Marketing Automation

    Once completed all of the pre-defined customed criteria, send personalized ads to users automatically to improve marketing efficiency


    Comprehensive user behavior analysis to optimize conversion and provide value added to your business.

  • Capture user behavior in real-time
    • Zero latency in every user behavior in-app.
    • Self-defined multidimensional analysis that generates quick results.
    • Real-time conversion evaluation allows you to optimize your marketing strategy instantly.
    • Discover the motivation behind each click through multidimensional analysis.
  • Comprehensive user insights to optimize marketing decisions
    • Completely restore the user's original browsing path using path analysis.
    • Evaluate consumer journey process through funnel analysis
    • Set key conversion conditions and group management for users who meet the conversion conditions or according to user attributes
  • Skyrocket conversion rates through Marketing Automation
    • Customizable ads to improve the conversion rate of the marketing campaign.
    • Provide insight into how to create a successful advertisement with an in-app user survey.
    • Help remarket the products to drive engagement and increase conversions.

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