Facing the era of cookieless

Google Chrome has announced that it will phase out third-party cookies, and a series of privacy policy changes such as iOS 14 privacy policy changes and EU GDPR standards have announced that the data validity in the past has been completely reversed. In the future, Digital advertising model will fundamentally change, which will certainly have a huge impact on the advertising industry and marketing strategy. Marketing of a brand, and Data Marketplace is one of the proposed solutions to respond to future changes. Based on The Trade Desk UID2.0, brand or media owners can directly obtain secure, reliable and accurate audience data.

Data Market

LnData Data Market, precision marketing tool

  • More than 20 partners
    More than 20 partners

    LnData cooperates with multiple media platforms to provide a wide range of audience samples to find your target audience faster

  • Customized Audience Profile
    Customized Audience Profile

    Purchasing audience data that best meets your needs by customizing segmentation dimensions

  • Unified ID
    Unified ID

    LnData's leading technology conducts data concatenation, filters duplicate data, finds unique and complete consumer footprints to achieve accurate marketing.

  • Lower CPA
    Lower CPA

    A highly accurate audience list can effectively improve the effectiveness of advertising delivery. In our past cases, average CTR increased by 2% and CPA decreased by 8%

How it works?

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
After the advertiser puts forward the needs of the target audience, the LnData team will assist in analyzing and defining the audience profile to help the advertiser finds the right audience.
LnData has cooperated with a number of vertical media to clean and organize de-identified data to find out the list of audiences that advertisers need most with tags.
Advertisers can advertise according to the packaged audience list, accurately reach the target audience, greatly reduce costs, and increase conversions

Not an advertiser? Welcome you who own data to become our partner!

Data Clean Room

Consumer privacy is the most important issue in the future. The data clean room aims to help brands obtain accurate advertising data while achieving de-identification and decentralization to maintain consumers' trust. Therefore, in the data market, anyone can exchange or trade data without worry through data clean room.

  • Data authority
    Data authority

    After the data is encrypted and sent to an impartial third party for calculation, traders can view data analysis results and applications such as advertisement delivery. During the process, the ownership of all data is not transferred.

  • Data security
    Data security

    Through methods such as homomorphic encryption and differential privacy, it is ensured that the data cannot be decrypted and reversed to any individual during the exchange process.

  • Across-Organizations Insights
    Across-Organizations Insights

    Allow traders to compare their own consumer data with data of other organizations in compliance with privacy regulations, greatly improve the possibility and value of data applications

Crossing organizational boundaries
Access to high-value professional data