Taiwan's only regulated corporate carbon verication computing platform

Companies can import daily production capacity and other carbon emission activities through Ln{CARBON}, so that the system can automatically calculate the company's greenhouse gas emissions and present carbon emission data in real time; at the same time, the formula logic and accuracy are in line with ISO14064- 1 international certification requirements to help enterprises achieve true sustainable transformation.


Why should companies undergo carbon verification?

New regulations reveal the complexity of carbon emission information

The Financial Supervisory Commission released new regulations for carbon verification. In the future, carbon information is no longer optional, but "required". Annual reports must include all carbon information, ranging from single enterprises to all subsidiaries. Data collection difficulty and complexity have significantly increased. Therefore, time -consuming manual input calculations will gradually be eliminated.

Zero-carbon is inevitable in the European and American supply chain

As the US CCA and the EU CBAM come into full effect, the information of carbon footprints will become crucial review indicators for exported goods to Europe and the United States.LNDATA provides complete services to assist companies complete CBAM declarations.

Carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) response measures

The European Parliament has officially passed the "CBAM Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism" in April 2023. In the future, products imported to the European Union need to pay carbon tariffs.From October 2023, products from specific imports to the European Union, including steel, cement, aluminum products, fertilizers, electricity, organic chemicals, hydrogen, ammonia, and plastic industries, are required to declare carbon information quarterly

Companies urgently need to have the ability to provide carbon information and declaration procedures!

LnData carbon information management system is ready for the future. It is designed for CBAM needs and cooperates with the Big Four accounting firms. It is one of the few domestic suppliers with complete CBAM certificate reporting capabilities.

The review of carbon footprints will gradually become a social trend

Social awareness of sustainability has risen, and in the future, carbon footprints will also become an important consideration for consumers. Therefore, companies need to be sustainable to maintain their competitiveness in the market.

Why choose ln {carbon}

The last mile of a company's net zero


Systematic and automation

Automation of the carbon verification allows businesses to streamline operations, saving unnecessary manpower.Only daily carbon emissions are needed for the system to automatically classify and calculate carbon data, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of carbon verfication

Carbon inspections are labor intensive

Reduce 70 %


Compliant and real -time

The system is reviewed and approved by the carbon verification agency to ensure that the calculation of carbon inspection meets the requirements of regulations; and the results are displayed on the dashboard immediately without additional analysis and information processing

Verification completion time

Reduced by 60 %


Complete Sustainability Solution

Cooperation with multiple consulting firms to provide one -stop consulting, system introduction, education training, audit and certification and other services. Clients can complete CBAM declaration without having to research everything one by one, achieving sustainable transformation without complication.

Efficiency of sustainable transformation

increased by 300%

Functional architecture

One -stop to meet the needs of corporate carbon verification needs

Carbon emissions activity

System covers all three major categories and six classes. Easy data uploading, no code required, and an essential report is outputted.
Carbon emissions import
Report export

Carbon Emissions Interface

Automatically updates the latest version of the carbon footprint database and greenhouse gas emissions coefficient management table. System will automatically use formula to convert carbon emissions data, and instantly present data through the visual interface.
Interval Carbon Emissions
Category Distribution
Class Distribution
Annual review

Carbon Emissions Detail

Review past data using the conditional settings.

Annual Carbon Emissions

You can set your own annual goals and input historical data, and the carbon reduction results are clear at a glance.

Company Settings

Company information, number of employees, and add branches can be set, making it easy to manage.

Ln{CARBON} Key Features

One-stop Carbon Emissions Data Management Process: Enhancing Accuracy and Efficiency in Carbon Calculation


Emission source identification across three scopes and six categories, with a built-in comprehensive coefficient database and customizable coefficients


Assistance in establishing corporate equipment inventories, facilitating easy import of carbon emission activity data


Automated calculation and statistics, freeing human resources from repetitive tasks

Carbon Emission Visualization and Trend Analysis


Automatic creation of carbon data dashboards for real-time monitoring of carbon emission status, aiding businesses in formulating carbon reduction strategies.

One-Click Export of Compliance Inventory Reports


Automatic updates of coefficient databases from environmental protection agencies and international organizations, ensuring compliance with the latest reporting regulations. Generate company-specific annual carbon emission inventories and reports with a single click.

Permission and Organization Management


Permission and account management, facilitating the setup of corporate data, legal entities, and branch offices for convenient reporting and data management.

LNData Sustainable Transformation Service Blueprint

Using data to realize the vision of company's sustainable transformation

Enterprise greenhouse emissions verification platform

Provide compliant and instant corporate greenhouse emissions verification platform to meet the relevant needs of 190,000 small and medium -sized companies to fit ISO14064 requirements and enhance company image.

Sustainable Data Center

Integrate corporate operation data (ERP, factory production, 5G AIOT), improve value of the product and meet the needs of consumers' in low -carbon goods and international carbon transactions.

Product Carbon Footprint platform

Provide carbon management platforms such as carbon costs, carbon quotas, carbon medium/carbon reduction plan.Meet KPI indicators such as sustainable growth in supply chain, social responsibility, and related perpetual report (TCFD).



Use LN {Carbon} Carbon Information Management Platform
Accelerate sustainable transformation


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