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LndataLeading Data Consulting Company

LnData is a Data Consultant Company in Taiwan that provides abundant innovative software services (SaaS) and acts as an independent third party in the market. With various advanced data services from data collection, data cleaning, data governance to data application, we help our clients apply the most authentic and complete data in every decision to achieve business success.


What makes us different?

Core Products

  • Data Activation
    Data Activation

    From data consulting to data marketing, we design diverse solutions for different business scenarios. We assist customers to leverage all types of data across organizations to achieve business goals

  • Data Middle Platform
    Data Middle Platform

    We provide end-to-end support enterprises to establish a powerful one-stop data governance platform. Helping clients leverage their data assets to achieve successful digital transformation.

  • Data Market
    Data Market

    A diverse, open, secure, and trustworthy data trading platform. We help clients get audience data packages with customized interest tags, enabling more accurate marketing and advertising.

What Data Can Do ?

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Data Market
Tagging System
Data Middle Platform
First-Party Data
Second-Party Data
Third-Party Data

Data MarTech & Solutions

Make your brand data-driven

We believe that different companies have their own data pain points. LnData creates various data services, including data collecting, measurement, analysis, and application for practical business scenarios.

Third-party measurement

Play the role of an impartial third party in the market, provide accurate and objective data, and assist customers in making correct business decisions.

solution 1

Collect and connect data of each consumer touchpoint for customers, and realize cross-channel and cross-device integration of consumer behavior.

solution 2
Easy to import

All solutions are SaaS or low-code. With our full technical handover and support, customers can use our services without importing expensive hardware or hiring additional engineering staff.

solution 3
Local data team

Our team is composed of local talents. We can provide the most practical services from Taiwan to Southeast Asia, without worrying about language or technical barriers.

solution 4
Data Middle Platform

Data middle platform

Collecting, calculating, storing and processing massive data

The data middle platform is to solve various pain points when enterprises use data, such as the lack of cross-departmental data flow in the organization, the inefficiency of huge business data management, etc. The data middle platform can help enterprises maximize the value of data and achieve successful digital transformation.

Data market

The most authentic local data

Google Chrome announced that third-party cookies would gradually phase out, and with a series of privacy policy changes such as iOS 14 and EU GDPR, the data validity in the past has been completely reversed, and the model of digital advertising will be fundamentally changed. This is why LnData proposes Data Market as a whole new solution to cope with the changes one step ahead.

  • feature 1

    Multi-Supported Premium Audience Package

  • feature 2

    Customized requirements

  • feature 3

    Advertise directly to specific audiences

How Data Market works ?

LnData cooperates with multiple vertical media and websites to collect de-identified audience panels through The Trade Desk UID 2.0. You can purchase audience data packages from specific media/websites according to your needs and budgets for precise advertising and marketing.


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